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Organizations of any industry are a direct reflection of the Executives that lead them; Holistic Secured Operations, Inc. is no different. At the helm of Holistic Secured Operations, Inc. Hector Sanchez brings over 30 years of Leadership, Management, and oversight operational experience that had been developed while accountable for the success of daily operations, projects, and tasks in the US Army, Private and Corporate sector.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Robert Vrij
Senior Executive IT and Telecommunications Industry

Hector’s Accomplishments as the Americas Corporate Security Services Senior Director

1. Ensured the safety and security of the Board of Director members domestically and internationally resulting in zero incidents at every venue throughout his tenure.
2. Performed intelligence gathering on high risk locations where top executives were scheduled to travel and/or where operational offices were located. Such preparation resulted in zero incidents against any assets of the organization.
3. Coordinated all Regional Security support through contacts established within Embassies and Consulates, Law Enforcement, and industry professionals in order to reinforce the security operation with minimum or no cost to the operation and with optimum results.
4. Increased operational security awareness throughout regional resources, resulting in security cost reduction, personnel security awareness, and above standards KPI attainment. Created a Regional resilient environment that was able and capable to face any and all unexpected situation.
5. Eradication of Regional kidnapping incidents by partnering with Business Unit Leads proactively; resulting on improved operational security awareness in support of projects.
6. Strict enforcement of Compliance Policies, Procedures, and Practices; resulting in 100% attainment of mandated training by corporate standards.
7. Culturally astute in business and security matters able to understand organizational vision, mission, goals, and objectives; resulting in excellent Regional Organizational Security Transformation.
8. Ensured environmental awareness was a priority of every employee, vendor, and contractor in matters around Information and Cyber Security best practices.
9. Managed a tight Incident Management Program (IMP) in the Region, resulting in the preparation and readiness of the IMP Team when situations and incidents required it.
10. Above expectation rating while supporting three separate functions: Operational Security, Regional Compliance, and the Compliance Investigations of the CALA Region. Always flexible, available, and reliable.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Vincent Moreau
Group Real Estate Director at Capgemini

Hector is a solid and seasoned senior Security Officer, able to react immediately on any crisis, as well as to tackle bigger structural transformation and organization matters. He's very aware of both North and Latin Americas security threats and challenges. Hector is autonomous; he's been an efficient deputy for Americas.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Patrick Lheureux
Enterprise Risk Management

Hector is a highly experienced professional with a strong view of the whole picture of Global Security, both managerial and technical. At the time we worked together in Corporate Security for Alcatel-Lucent Hector was leading the position of Regional Security Manager covering the entire Americas continent, running and growing a team of Local Security Managers.

From a human perspective, Hector was an excellent recognized line manager, respected, trusted, and knowledgeable, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Besides being a perfect technical expert on the whole security value chain (from physical security to information protection) Hector was also fully business oriented while developing and implementing adequate security solutions in his region.

It was a real pleasure working with Hector and I strongly recommend him as a highly committed expert in his domain, target oriented, reliable and pleasant colleague.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Cesar Buia
Marketing Director at TecIntegra

Every time I had to interview a new candidate for a position in my team I used to tell the candidate that my ideal profile was someone with a PHD. I had to explain that a PHD was not an academic degree, but Passion, Heart, and Desire. Well Hector, does fulfill those 3 letters. I have known him for many years while at Lucent and then Alcatel-Lucent. He's a friendly but results oriented, dedicated, hard worker, with an excellent experience in Security. He is a valuable asset for any organization to have.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Michael Hill
Multi-national Operations General Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Hector while he led the Alcatel-Lucent Caribbean & Latin American Security and Investigations team. Hector's integrity and professionalism allowed him to build lasting bonds at all levels of the workforce, management & non-management. His natural ability to relate to multiple cultures makes him a valuable add to any team. I trust Hector to deliver on his commitments.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Timothy Krause
TDKrause Consulting, LLC

Hector is a dedicated security professional, with an exceptional capability in identifying and mitigating security risks. I always felt extremely safe traveling and working with Hector and his team members and I knew that a security plan managed by him was well thought through at a detailed level. He loves his work and is a pleasure to have as a colleague.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Soledad Battistel
Supply Chain Customer Engineering + Change management support

Hector is an excellent professional and proved within ALU his strong management skills. He is results oriented and fully focused on reaching the company targets. He is able to perform well under stressful conditions and constantly seeks for improvements. I am happy to write this recommendation.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Peggy Gelsi
US Corporate Governance Director at Nokia Corporation

I worked closely with Hector Sanchez for a number of years at Alcatel-Lucent in connection with Board of Directors meetings in the Americas Region where Hector had responsibility for the safety and security of the company's Board members and senior executives. Hector successfully provided executive security in a number of high risk venues, having developed a strong network of security contacts in all these countries. A great deal of planning and networking is involved with these high level meetings, and I was able to focus solely on the Board meeting content without having to be concerned about the security/logistical aspects of those meetings, which were mostly handled by Hector and his team. The Board members and executives greatly appreciated Hector and his teams' consistently first class security support over the years.

Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial
Holistic Secured Operations Testimonial

Marie Royce, MBA
Telecommunications, Hospitality and Consumer Products (healthcare)

24/7 is a number that describes Hector Sanchez.

As Chief Security Officer at Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent), Hector worked closely with me during my role as Vice President Public Affairs of the Americas region. Sanchez took a strategic, business approach to our employee’s security.
Making requests for intelligence assessments from the US Department of State was commonplace for Hector…since “Country Risk” analysis was made ahead of scheduling executive visits to international conferences.
Hector Sanchez set up meetings with CSO’s of Embassies and Consulates through-out Europe and the Americas region. He created a network of extensive security contacts prior to executive and customer visits to a country.
On my trips I focused on my meetings, and did not worry about my safety and security. I traveled to countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, and Panama without worrying…Hector was always one step ahead of me!
His leadership in operational security - domestically and internationally – is second to none.
Hector Sanchez is a thoughtful leader with excellent communication skills, integrity and professionalism. I recommend him without reservation..