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Holistic Secured Operations, Inc. focuses on the Operational Security area of businesses with emphasis on risk detection, threat identification, and vulnerability mitigation.

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Our Vision

To become a member of our clients’ operation with the intent to create a robust Holistic Secured Operational environment that is resilient to impact from any impending incident in order to ensure continuity and existence.

Our Purpose

Organization: We are dynamically organized in accordance with the constant changes of the Security Industry with the intent to remain ahead of the evolving risks, threats, and vulnerabilities businesses are facing daily.

Structure: Our flexible yet robust operational structure creates the perfect fit for our customers need, delivering a tailored end product which mitigates vulnerabilities constantly; instead of the common status-quo our competitors chose to offer.

Priorities: Operational priorities are defined by our customers needs which evolve daily within the holistic environment each business operates under... all we do is identify, adapt, and overcome.


Organizations operate in a volatile environment. Our holistic operational services will allow customers adapt to the horizontal, vertical, and/or hybrid direction each client needs, ensuring a secured, protected, and safe operational ambiance.

Our professional consulting experience has been evolving throughout the last three decades across many operational aspects of Fortune 500 Organizations worldwide and Government entities.

Contact us at for an assessment and follow up by a member from our Senior Professional Consultants within 48 hours.